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I seem to have a lot of time to spend lately thinking about what the world after Covid 19 will look like from a safety stand point. I had raised the topic of pandemic preparedness with pretty much every employer I have ever had and I now wonder how many of them have since had an "AHA" moment.

I have always advocated for workers to stay home when they are ill but economic need often overrode the sense of staying at home to recover. I have also seen employers pressure sick employees into working despite the longer term losses the business and the bottom line was inevitably going to experience. Many employers argue paid sick days just being a perk employees would abuse.... I have a feeling this past month may have changed some minds on that particular argument.

Paid or not - sick days and making employees properly use them will gain a lot of importance. Viruses just became a much larger part of workplace safety.

Another big one this virus will draw attention to is overall hygiene in the workplace. Those vending machines and lunchrooms are now going to receive some long overdue attention from everyone. I used to ensure our janitors always regularly wiped door handles and other common surfaces and I also often had to explain to business owners why I was insisting on this additional work. Another "AHA" moment for everyone I bet.

Regardless of what happens now moving forward we can all look forward to a resurgence of hand washing, cleaner common areas and surfaces and maybe even some continued social distancing in the local Costco!

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